Are Your Gutters Ready For Winter

Monday October 15, 2018 comments

With snow already present in the Colorado area, and the leaves falling quickly, it is time to think about getting your homes gutter system cleaned! Gutters can be cleaned in several ways! Some are a little less effective than others, and some can be very dangerous! Most homeowners do not think about cleaning their gutters because often times from ground level the debris is not visible! A clogged gutter or downspout can cause majority property damage! A simple fall cleaning can reduce the risk of thousands of dollars in property damage... Read More

Deck & Fence Staining

Monday May 21, 2018 comments

It is that time of year again when homeowners start thinking about the outdoor projects that have been building up. Have you thought about the wood work around your home. Decks and fences are a large investment when it comes to your property and it is important that we protect that investment! What's the best way to protect your investment? By applying a professional grade stain or sealer to your deck and fence surface, can prolong the life for several years. Often times homeowners will purchase and install a new fence and due to budgeting... Read More

Fence & Deck Protection

Monday March 26, 2018 comments

Colorado faces a wide range of different weather patterns. It is crucial that both wood fencing and decking be properly protected for these conditions. The staining industry has grown rapidly and is continuouslydeveloping different products that can help fully protect and beautify your wood work. When choosing a stain it is important to do your research. Often times homeowners are un aware of the products that are available, and tend to follow the chain store pattern of using a home grade material. Typically these products will offer big... Read More

Can Pressure Washing Cause Damage To My Property?

Sunday March 18, 2018 comments

Can pressure washing cause damage to my property? Acommon question when it comes to pressure washing. The answer..... Yes! With a pressure washer in the hands of the wrong person it is very likely that pressure washing can and will cause damage to your property. Often times home and business owners have the mentality that they can buy a department store pressure washer or even rent one and perform a DIYpressure washing chore around the house or business. The problem is that most consumers of these washers are both un aware of the proper... Read More

Save Your Investment!!

Monday August 7, 2017 comments

Decks and fences are expensive and valuable additions to your home and property. Often times customers of a new fence or deck are left with a beautiful build but no protection! Colorado element's, snow, rain, UV and more can severelydamage a new deck or fence in short periods of time! Of course the new wood looks great and has natural beauty and color but the fact is, without a stain or sealer your throwing away your investment and creating restorationrequirements that are un necessary. As a professional wood finisher we inform customers that... Read More

Property Management With Pressure Washing

Friday January 6, 2017 comments

Property Management With Pressure Washing

Pressure washing on commercial and residential properties is a great way to keep up both on the physical appearance of a structure or complex but also to prolong the wear and tear of the exterior surfaces. A quality commercial pressure washing company will have the ability to provide a free estimate and evaluation of the property to ensure that you will be receiving the highest quality wash for your investment. Some companies may implement the use of chemicals or detergents to target different types of stains. It is important as a customer... Read More

The deepest clean pressure washers offer!

Wednesday December 28, 2016 comments

The deepest clean pressure washers offer!

Pressure washing is a technique used by both professionals and homeowners. There are many different ways to clean a surface but here at Pure Pressure Power Washing we offer a technique that provides the deepest clean on the market! Surface Cleaning! A surface cleaner is a tool that has multiple rotating spray arms in which cleaning path ranges from 12 to 30+ inches wide. Why is this the deepest clean? By using a surface cleaning device the results are far more consistent than one would find by using a pressure washing wand. When a... Read More

Winter pressure washing

Monday December 19, 2016 comments

Winter pressure washing

Why pressure wash in winter you may ask? Well maybe you are wondering why your garage and driveway concrete is starting to chip away? Fact is winter grime and melting snow from vehicles can leave magnesium chloride and salt residues which have a damaging affect to concrete and other surfaces. Pure Pressure Power Washing offers and recommends residential pressure washing in Fort Collins, Lovelandareas in between snow storms. By using hot water pressure washing you can protect your concrete from extensive damage by removing the damaging... Read More

What is Residential House Washing

Tuesday November 1, 2016 comments

House washing is a techniqueused by pressure washing companies to clean the exterior of your home without damage to the surface. A reputable washing company will apply a house wash detergent to the exterior of the home and let dwell on surface for 10-15 minutes. By applying the proper detergent to the exterior of your home it allows the pressure washer to lift all dirt and debris from the siding. When cleaned with the combination of detergent and hot water you are left with a beautiful finish. Whetheryour painting your home, you have stains on... Read More

The Importance Of Gutter Cleaning

Tuesday November 1, 2016 comments

Gutter cleaning is a project that most home owners over look. Due to the fact that most home owners do not get on their roofs on a regular basis they are under the impression that gutters are clear and working properly. That is until they visibly see a problem arise. The fact is, 9 out of 10 home owners do not perform annual gutter cleaning which leaves them at risk for over flowing gutters, ice damming, clogged downspouts, and potential rusting! We recommend to our customers in Northern Colorado that gutters should be cleaned at least once a... Read More

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